About Us


We’ve been a Ghurka fan and collector since 1986! We’ve had over 3000 vintage Ghurka bags & accessories in our possession since then; perhaps the largest collection of vintage Ghurka bags in the world and Ghurka introduced us as Ghurka’s Master Collector! To make sure our bags are kept in the right environment and temperature, we obtained a townhouse dedicated to storing them well! We started to let go of our Ghurka collection back in 2009 to support our charitable efforts helping orphan kids. Our vintage Ghurka bags would go through extensive 11 to 18 steps care to make sure they are in the best condition possible for age and ready for years of future use. We are not a part of the current Ghurka Company and we do not offer any Ghurka bags and accessories made after 2003. Our items here are all made from 1975 to 2003 during the Marley Hodgson era. Enjoy!